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You might know that I recently went on holiday to Miami, if you follow my blog or my Instagram. No matter where I travel to, nothing beats shopping in the U.S! One of the main reasons is the difference in price, which is usually (don’t quote me) £1 = $1.5, so you are going to get a lot more for your money than you would in the U.K or Europe! There are also so many US brands that I’m obsessed with and lust after and that can’t easily be found in the UK. After being hit with an £80 import and duty fee after I had a clothing order sent to me from abroad, I learnt my lesson to be patient and wait until my next trip to the land of consumerism.

If you’re taking a trip and you plan to do some shopping, I suggest you make a list of things you really want and try to stick to it, because trust me, once you see all those lovely things you can’t buy back home, you’re going to want all of it. If you are on a budget, try to set yourself a realistic one and leave room for a little flexibility, for those “I have to have it” moments, when you see something that just calls your name and can’t leave without (I had a few of those!). The last step and one that is crucial- even though we’ve all been there, is to leave enough room in your suitcase to bring it all back with you! Yes it’s hard, you’ve just bought all those new holiday clothes and want to take them all on holiday with you, but think about the journey back. You don’t want to get fined at the airport for excess luggage, because what a waste and that money could have gone towards those shoes that you almost bought but didn’t.

Miami’s best places for shopping

High end: Aventura mall, Dadeland, Macy’s, Bal Harbour, Miami design district

Affordable: Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Dolphin outlet Mall

Outdoor: Lincoln Road Mall, Bayside Marketplace, CocoWalk in Coconut Grove, Sunset Place, Midtown Miami

So there you have it!

And finally, some of the damage I did in Miami (mainly shoes!)

steve madden heels

Steve Madden // KANANDA and SLINNG

michael kors sandals flip flops

Michael Kors // Discounted from Marshall’s!

huda beauty lashes mink naomi

Huda Beauty // NAOMI and MARILYN Mink Lashes

OPI nail polish

OPI Nails //

zara sam edelman guess sandals

Zara // Sam Edelman // Guess

victorias secret body spray perfume

Victoria’s Secret

Pink victorias secret body spray perfume scent

victorias secret lipgloss

beach bunny swimwear black bikini

Beach Bunny Swimwear // SHEER ADDICTION

beach bunny swimwear black bikini

beach bunny swimwear white bikini

Beach Bunny Swimwear // HARD SUMMER

Dior sunglasses luxury frames



Maria X

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  • Misslulu
    April 29, 2016

    Lovely post and very good ideas for my coming trip to Miami.

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