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It’s Monday morning and not only do I have the Monday blues, but I definitely have Amsterdam blues aswell! We spent 4 amazing days in this beautiful city and I have put these into pictures and words below, but be sure you check out my Amsterdam Vlog on YouTube aswell if you want to see what we got up to! (here)

-DAY 1-

amsterdam blogger coffee guide

amsterdam best coffee house blogger

blushing coffee house amsterdam

Blushing Coffee House

Honestly, one of the best coffee houses I have been to- and I’ve been to a fair few! We stumbled upon this by coincidence on the first day as we were half an hour early for our entry time to the Van Gogh museum and this happened to be opposite! So we went in for a quick coffee or two and we went back every day thereafter! I ordered the caramel latte and yum! The best I’ve had. From there, we crossed the road and we were at the entrance to the Van Gogh museum – which is a definite must! I couldn’t recommend this enough and make sure you book in advance as it gets very busy at peak times. For someone like me, who is not a huge Art lover, it was fascinating to learn about Van Gogh’s life and his 10 year career as an artist before his downfall.

City Centre

Out of the four days we were in Amsterdam for, we only spent one afternoon here! Here you can find many shops, museums, cafe’s and street shows – and of course, all the tourists.


sky lounge

Sky Lounge

The perfect date night setting. The Sky Lounge is a beautiful rooftop lounge bar, with great music and a great atmosphere. It’s hidden at the top of the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel and we only knew it existed after having spoken to a local earlier that day. We didn’t get to go in the daytime, but for a romantic evening, I would definitely recommend you go here. We completely lost track of time and stayed until closing time, which varies from 2am to 3am depending on the day.

-DAY 2-

amsterdam canals blogger

Amsterdam travel guide from a blogger

Amsterdam Canals

They are everywhere and very hard to miss! Be sure to take in the views of the wonky buildings – they are truly fascinating. We are planning to go back in the summer and book a canal tour, so keep an eye out for that!


Pancake Bakery

How can I put this? The best pancakes, I have ever had. Ever. We walked 30 minutes from where we were to get here after hearing so many great things- and my god was it worth it! It is a whole restaurant dedicated to pancakes; sweet, extra sweet, savoury, continental, with a twist, etc. the list is endless! I went for a safer option and got bacon and banana and Jack went for cheese and chorizo. We were blown away.




The Hoxton Bar

A hidden gem in the heart of the city. If you are looking for a quiet drink, somewhere to sit and read, relax, work, or just check emails, then this is the place! It’s set within the Hoxton hotel and the bar has two floors. I recommend the top floor as it’s less busy and there are sofas, books, and sockets and wifi! It’s a great hang out if you are with a small group of people or if you are travelling alone.



Bulls and Dogs

The most delicious and OTT hotdogs and milkshakes I’ve ever seen/had! I wish we had a chain of these in the UK, although it’s probably best we don’t- as I would be there every other day. Each hotdog has unique toppings, all the way from Mexican nachos to popcorn. We ordered curly fries and mac ‘n’ cheese as our sides. And we finished our meal with a cookie chip milkshake to share. All of it was delicious and writing about it now is making my mouth water! Please let me know in the comments below if there’s anything similar to this in the UK? But I would go back to Amsterdam just to come back here.

-DAY 3-


Blushing Coffee House

We had panini’s for lunch – and even they were delicious! I never thought I would be recommending panini’s, but seriously, everything on their menu is healthy and so so tasty.

moco museum

AMSTERDAM travel diary guide tips and advice


banksy exhibition amsterdam

Moco Museum

A definite must if you are an Art lover! We came across this on our way to the park and saw that they were holding an exhibition of Banksy and Dali’s work, so of course we had to go in. The queue was very short and within 5 minutes we were in. We both got an audio guide each for 2,50 euros which I highly recommend! It’s a beautiful museum, quaint and small and not overcrowded.

Fashion blogger winter outfit

Fashion blogger winter outfit



Fashion blogger winter outfit


Such a beautiful park, and it was definitely worth waiting for the sun to come out before heading in this direction. We spent a lovely afternoon enjoying the scenery, and stopping along the way to sit and enjoy the views and people watch. Hidden amongst the trees, you’ll find a beautiful outdoor restaurant, serving hot food and drinks and it’s set just by the lake, so it makes for a lovely outing.

Amsterdam luxury shopping


Amsterdam luxury shopping

HooftStraat Luxury Shopping

If you’re looking to escape the bustle and want to enjoy a spot of luxury shopping, then this is the place for you! From Dior, to Hermès, to Prada – you won’t be short of any designers! It’s a very quiet street, reserved not just for those lucky shoppers but for anyone who wants to window browse in peace.

conservatorium hotel amsterdam

conservatorium hotel amsterdam

conservatorium hotel amsterdam

Conservatorium Hotel

A beautiful bar, set within the even more beautiful 5* Conservatorium hotel. The hotel can be found at the heart of Museumplein; a very beautiful location within walking distance to/from almost anywhere. We decided to head here on our last night and enjoy an evening of relaxation and good music. The bar has it’s own DJ and it’s 2 floors, so there is plenty of room to sit, even on a Saturday night, which is when we went. It’s not overpriced and we were delightfully surprised when our beer and wine came to only 7 euros!

-DAY 4-


blushing coffee house amsterdam

blushing coffee house amsterdam

Blushing Coffee House

There was not a day that we didn’t stop by this coffee house! They serve breakfast until 11:30am every day, so on our last day we headed there bright and early and of course I had to get the Coco Chanel pancakes – Jack copied. These pancakes are made with coconut flour and are dressed with strawberries, coconut flakes and 85% cocoa! Delicious to look at and very tasty to eat. They are definitely not your typical pancakes and definitely not for everyone- they are very soft and fluffy and not sweet! But, they are healthy!


Amsterdam sign

Always crowded except if you’re an early bird! Which we are not and it took us until the last day to get a decent photo because we had an early flight that morning. So we headed to the sign and there was nobody there! It was one of those rare moments and we captured the perfect shots.

What we didn’t get to see/do:

The Anne Frank House – make sure you book weeks or even months in advance as it was completely sold out and the queues get very long if you chance it on the day

Rijksmuseum – book in advance

Rent bikes – Jack was too scared, but he’ll have to man up next time!

Canal tour – we thought it might be better in the summer, so we’ll go back for that.


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