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Let me start by saying that I’m not a fitness fanatic and in no way a health expert, but I wanted to write this post and share with you some of the apps I use daily that encourage me to reflect on my habits and live a healthier lifestyle. Being healthy is about so much more than how you look, it’s about how you feel and it’s about looking after the only body you will have. If you’re good to yourself now, you will reap the rewards later. So let’s see my top picks!


‘healthy living, simplified”

lifesum fitness health app

Lifesum is the first app I open in the morning and the last app I use at night. Not only does it help me track my water intake and meals, I also get feedback and targets to help me achieve my health goals. From picking the right foods, to learning about the correct portion sizes and staying active.

Pros: you can track your progress throughout the day, track your water and calorie intake and track your exercise and calories burned. I like how simple it is to use and it’s completely free! You can track your breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner and get an overview at the end of your day. One of the best things for me, is that I can track my water intake, which I hadn’t realised was so bad until I started using this app. Once I could clearly see how much or how little water I was consuming I became much more self aware and I now make it my target each day to drink 8 glasses of water. It becomes a lot easier than you think- trust me. Cons: so that you can accurately track your habits, you have to be consistent and use the app throughout the day, which is not always possible.

“Lifesum helps you form healthy habits so you can live a healthier lifestyle. Track food and exercise; get tips, inspiration, and feedback; and become a healthier, happier, you.” – Lifesum


“easy calorie counter, diet, and exercise journal’

MY FITNESS PAL fitness health app

I was recommended this app by my gorgeous friend Andrea who is massively into fitness and has given me many tips along the way. I use this as a super easy way to count my calories and track the calories burned from exercise.

pros: their database is vast which means you can type in pretty much any type of food you’re eating and it will track the calories accurately. Use MFP to help you lose weight the healthy way. The recipe counter also means you can track the nutrition in your homemade meals and make the necessary changes to your diet. You can also log in to MFP from any computer and it will automatically sync to your phone and vice versa, so your diary is always up to date

cons: I don’t find this app as aesthetically pleasing as Lifesum and it takes a little more time to get used to. If you can get passed those two things, definitely give this one a go.


“FitBit has a purpose for every part of your day”

FITBIT fitness health app

The fitbit app is great if you have a Fitbit tracker but you don’t need one to use the app effectively.

pros: You can view the progress you’ve been making towards your daily goals for steps, distance, calories burned and you can see your trends over time (which you can’t do with Lifesum).  This will help you have an insight in your performance and give you the motivation to keep going to achieve your goals. If you do have  a Fitbit tracker then you’ll know all about this app already or if you’re thinking of getting one and aren’t quite sure then I hope this helps. You’ll be able to record your sleep patterns at night and then set weekly sleep goals, create bedtime reminders and waking up targets and overtime you’ll be able to see your sleep trends. The fun part? You can share your stats with friends and challenge each other so it can get very competitive but adds to the fun of staying fit.


“finally some help in the kitchen”

PEPPERPLATE fitness health app

Now moving onto food! They way you eat will have a huge impact on how you feel and it’s so important to give your body the right nutrition. I use Pepperplate to plan my weekly meals and make my shopping list.

pros: You can organise your week by adding recipes from other websites to your schedule and sharing these with your partner, friends or family. This will be automatically updated onto your phone once you have done this on your desktop. You can also scale recipes to make the right amount, especially if you are just cooking for one. You can also plan menus for special events and using the app you can cook your meal with multiple cooking timers. The cook mode is practical as it prevents the screen from dimming on your phone.


“eat well, move more, live longer”

SMART RECIPES fitness health RECIPE app

I absolutely love this app because of the variety of recipes so that you never run out of meal ideas. The recipes are all calorie counted and the app even provides suggestions for a day of meals. Most of the recipes will serve four adults and only cost oon average around £5. Another great thing about this app is that they provide healthy eating tips, cooking tips, cooking terms, and snack suggestions.

If you haven’t tried these apps already, definitely check them out and tell me what you think! Or if you have any other healthy app suggestions, please comment below. I’d love to try them out!


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