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Where has this month gone?! I feel like one minute it was bonfire night and the next we’re in December! November has actually been one of my favourite months of the year year, which is probably why it seems to have gone by quicker. I’ve been exploring London more, going out and seeing friends and generally making more time for myself and in doing the things I love. Here are some of the things I’ve enjoyed along the way!



Boots | Missguided

These are the perfect boots to dress up any outfit. The gold heel really makes these stand out and they are super comfortable for a night out. You can still find these online and you can grab them now at 20% off with discount code ‘cyber20’.

poppy london bobble hat

Sunglasses | Choies

Fur Pom Pom Hat | Poppy London

Anyone else noticed how warm it’s been for November? We’ve had warmer weather than usual and on sunny days I’ve been reaching for these sunglasses from Choies. With that being said, it’s still hat season and I’ve been wearing this pom pom hat a lot. I reach for this in the mornings when it’s chillier or when I’m having a bad hair day. It took me forever to find the perfect pom pom hat and I’m so glad I found this one from Poppy London.

Pro Series Contour Kit | Anastasia Beverly Hills

I don’t know where I’ve been because I only just recently discovered this contour kit after watching Holly Boon‘s make up tutorials. I’ve been lusting after the perfect contour kit and this is exactly what I’d been looking for! This is the medium-tan powder kit and I recommend this for more olive/tanned skin tones. It lasts all day, it’s very pigmented and leaves you looking flawless and chiselled.


Mini LED light | Amazon

The perfect selfie light! I always wondered what editing apps people were using to make their pictures clearer and more defined but actually I’ve discovered the secret is actually LED lights. Now that the days are darker and we barely have any sunlight, I’ve been reaching this LED light and I use it particularly when I want to take a clear picture of my make up or a close up product shot. It clips on to your phone and it’s so light you can take it with you on the go 😉


Headphones | Happy Plugs

iPhone Case | Etsy

I’m obsessed with these headphones! They may not be Bose or Beats but they are way better than the iPhone headphones. The sound is clearer and you can turn them up a lot louder. I especially love these for the gym or when I’m commuting as they are noise cancelling headphones. Plus I had to get them when I saw them! I’m a sucker for rose gold.

Violet Fatale Lipstick | Tom Ford

I have already raved about this lipstick in a previous beauty post (here) and I’ve been wearing it non-stop throughout November. It’s long-lasting, moisturizing, and the colour is enough to dress up any look. I would definitely give this one a try if you’re looking for something similar.


Maria x

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