Surely Not Another Phone Case?!

That’s exactly what my boyfriend said to me when I opened my parcel from iDeal of Sweden. I can count easily over ten phone cases in my tech drawer of bits and bobs. I probably have close to twenty by now. But only because throughout the years I have never got rid of any and because I have changed my iPhone so many times, from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6, then the 7 and 7 plus! It’s all Apple’s fault really that I’ve had to change my phone cases so much. Admittedly, you only really need one phone case per phone right? But I’m a sucker for customised items and the marble-effect covers and cool slogans to match my mood. Okay, the slogans to match my mood may be a bit excessive. As soon as I got the iPhone 7 I headed straight to TK Maxx to look for a brand new case. I can’t even tell you what mood I was in but I promise it was a happy one! For some reason though, the only case that caught my eye was a Skinny Dip case with big glittery W T F letters all over it – don’t ask why, ha! Anyway, it really wasn’t me and I couldn’t wait to get a proper case for my new shiny phone.

When iDeal of Sweden got in touch, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I really wanted to invest in a sturdy case, one that was going to last me a long time and that I wasn’t going to get bored of easily. As I looked through their website, I knew that 1 case wasn’t going to be enough – how could I possibly choose from so many designs! Not only that, but they did wallet cases too! Now, I have never really been drawn to wallet cases because I have a perfectly great card holder and they always looked uncomfortable to manoeuvre if you needed to text or call. Not that I really do either of those things any more! I read a meme which made me laugh the other day. It was something along the lines of “I’m paying £50 a month for a phone contract so I can scroll through Gemma Collins memes” and in a way it’s true! Well I don’t look at Gemma Collins memes, but I am basically paying £50 a month for social media. What a crazy time to be alive.

ANYWAY back to my incredible new phone cases. I ended up choosing two and I am hoping that these will be the only two that I need and won’t get bored of. I got a white marble one and a baby pink wallet case! I have been using the wallet case way more than I had anticipated, in fact, everyday, as it’s so practical. It comes with 5 slots for your cards and a wristlet so that you can carry it easily in your hand and know that no one is going to rip it out of your hand (can you tell I live in London?). The best part about this phone case is that the case where you place your phone into is magnetic so you can detach it from the wallet to answer calls and text easily. It is also very elegant and from a distance you wouldn’t know that there was a phone in there! With their huge range of colours you really can’t go wrong with a phone wallet. The reason I got it in baby pink is because I tend to wear a lot of black so I thought the pink would add a nice pop of colour to my going out outfits – but I now seem to be using it all the time anyway! Just be careful that you don’t place it on dirty surfaces or at the bottom of a bag where it could get marks, as you don’t want to ruin your lovely phone case.

Okay so I know I said I wouldn’t need any other phone cases, but I am tempted to get the black phone wallet now too, ha! One more won’t hurt…

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Let me know what you think of wallet cases and whether you are as much of a fan as I am!


Maria X

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